While ensuring that the majority of users to buy genuine factory authorized assured, Kingkind Group began enable the new "scratch" type anti-counterfeit labels in March 2011,
Kingkind Group products should have good digital security labels.

  • Respect for customers, understanding customers, exceed customer expectations continue to provide products and services, so customers always partners, which we always insist on the concept of service and advocacy.
  • Service products and other tangible products, but also stressed the product to be able to meet the needs of different consumers. Consumers need to be able to tangible products to meet different consumer needs.
  • Consumers in a tangible product that can be converted into specific product features and specifications, while the features and specifications of these products are also products, product improvement and product marketing of basic services are value-added products, and to develop high value-added products, the market will infinite endless. From the interests of customers, the service is to invest, it can get good returns.
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