• Kingkind Group's core philosophy
  • "People-oriented to Germany first"
  • The pursuit of excellence
  • There are good people, in order to develop good business. Kingkind is committed to be tolerant to diversity, to recruit talents from all the times and innovate as an industry benchmark and leader.
  • Teamwork
  • Kingkind actively build good communication team, through close collaboration in tune to work closely together, in a highly competitive market environment, with the initiative and enthusiasm to establish an efficient organization.
  • Learning Innovation
  • Kingkind adhere to create a learning organization, to encourage employees to be innovative, to support the simultaneous development of enterprises and employees, along with Dream, the pursuit of ideals.
  • Create social value
  • Health of our business, to support good employment environment, assisting personal development of employees, and take care of the family, to further contribute to the community sponsored social welfare.
  • Job Status Area Number Professional Published
    防盗门业务经理 永康 武义 6 业务经理 2017-03-29
    木门业务经理 永康 武义 8 业务经理 2017-03-29
    非标门业务经理 永康 武义 4 业务经理 2017-03-29
    终端督导培训师 永康 武义 3 培训师 2017-03-29
    外贸业务员 永康 武义 3 业务员 2017-03-29
    应届毕业生 永康 武义 8 机械、营销 2017-03-29
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